Tunisian Crochet Leaf, a free crochet pattern from Anette Bak.

Working on a new project!


Feeding time at the pond today! Excuse the leaves and stuff. Last week while I was away we had some very heavy rain and winds so there’s a lot of debris at the bottom that I have to scoop out. My
Sakura SVR is becoming a real stunner, as is my lemonhead oranda. He didn’t have much head growth when I purchased him but recently his wen has been growing like crazy.


a video of the duckling in the kitchen

Had my very first bloom the other day! Really adore and love all my conos 😻

Got impatient waiting for Mr. Ko to respond to my emails about my seed order so I’ve decided to order from my initial seller, Rinoa. Can’t wait for my seeds to arrive from Taiwan!

Updates on crochet project: I’m currently working on a “Lilytopia Shawl” but my yarn size is completely off the original pattern so it’s a bit chunkier than intended. I don’t think I have enough yarn to finish it either… I’ll just have to do what I can! The yarn is such bad quality. I was really surprised. It’s from Bernat and I’ve never had this issue with their other yarns before. I suppose it’s just their Mosaics collection. I also really want to get some sock yarn to make a shawl with. Also knitting, would really like to learn how to do that!


DIY “Primavera Flowers” Granny Square:

Lovely Free Pattern & Tutorial, from Dada’s place.


Hexagon Scrapghan by Dead Alice

Free Hexagon Crochet Pattern, from Scrap Yarn Crochet.